Thoughts for a Time

Af Janne Pamsgaard

180,00 kr. incl. VAT (144,00 kr. excl. VAT)




POEMS // Thoughts for a time are a collection of philosophical vignettes that deal with life, love and death. With an inwardness, subtlety and existential verve, they show life’s evolution and the evolution of life with its inevitable ups and downs, doubts and hopes, sorrow and joy, that apply at all times in all places.


The collection of poems is published in its first edition with 200 enumerated examples with an introduction by the Danish philosopher Ole Fogh Kirkeby.


“In the type of poetry that Janne Pamsgaard in this collection presents for us, the inner dialogue is laid out for everyone’s observation. Janne pushes us away as she pulls us in, and she pulls us in to her intimate reality, as she pushes us away.”

From the book’s introduction by philosopher Ole Fogh Kirkeby

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