Acknowledge yourself, man

Af Kim Gørtz

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Philosopher, PhD, and Coach Kim Gørtz has written many books on the subjects of philosophy and leadership. For a long time he wanted to write a book about man: his complexity, pain, sorrow, longing, and hopes.

Acknowledge yourself, man adopts a philosophical, existentialist, and personal basis to address the tribulations of present day man. Kim Gørtz describes with a sparkle in his eye the nature of man from the ancient hero to the modern scoundrel. He compares, contrasts, and sketches a picture of present day man, who regardless of type would thrive by a realisation of himself as a man in order to deal with life’s fundamental feelings, to live and experience life, and to look back on himself as the man wishes to be.


With a departure in the present Kim Gørtz divides man’s process of self-realisation into three stages:


  • There, where he stops up and discovers, that he is either simply a burnt-out shit in a pair of cotton pants or a fly in a bottle, that zips relatively confused around and lacks a higher purpose in his existence.
  • There, where he looks at himself in detail and sets out to explore himself both inwardly and outwardly.
  • The moment of realisation occurs when he moves past and through the point, where he is truly able to link his existence with the purpose that is both larger and lesser than himself. Here he finds wisdom, balance, peace, and a full life.


Acknowledge yourself, man is a philosopher’s intrepid, bold, direct, and consciously presumptuous narrative – which is in part a personal account – about man. The book’s purpose is to inspire men to strengthen their insight and the outcomes of their actions by developing one’s self-realisation and ingenuity for the purpose of becoming the man he truly desires to be – and not being the way, he thinks, he should be.

Acknowledge yourself, man is Volume 1 in THE TRILOGY OF THE MISDIRECTED that sets out to unveil all that which we never have seen and could not have seen before, that which we knew was there, but which we had forgotten or perhaps even repressed.


ISBN: 978-87-93607-00-2







The trilogy discusses human life by treating the three processes of identity, life, and death as three separate perspectives:


  • Acknowledge yourself, man (Volume 1) focuses on man’s concern with identity.
  • Acknowledge your life, mate (Volume 2) addresses what it means to live fully and completely integrated – and the way to do that.
  • Acknowledge your death, human being (Volume 3) recommends living with death as the absolute reference point for one’s actions.


Thusly the trilogy explores and substantiates itself by both ordinary and non-ordinary episodes and themes in the life of humanity, and it develops these through a phenomenologically inspired context. The reader is invited thereby in and around by a confusion of words and images that together circumscribe the actual theme of the book at hand. Given this background the reader is also led further in a philosophical dance of thought models and mental structures, as the trilogy seeks to involve the curious in an existential wonder.


By balancing in the crosshairs between the individual and the ordinary plane of experience, the reader is afforded the possibility both to see himself and his life reflected in the text and at the same time to ponder over the nonsensical contra the breakthroughs.


The trilogy is intentionally aimed at delivering its message in a style and language that operates on both banal and complex levels in order to make the subject recognizable. Its primary objective is to take hold of the complex and thereafter to make it easier for the reader; to grasp the easy and reveal the complex depths therein.

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