Ready – Set – Invest

Handbook for beginners

Af Emma Bitz, Laura Hardahl, Anna-Sophie Hartvigsen, Caroline Stasig

210,00 DKK incl. VAT (168,00 DKK excl. VAT)




Investment is timeless and it’s never too late or too early to get started. Nevertheless, as a beginner in the field of investment it can be hard to navigate in a world that never sleeps, where numbers and graphs are moving fast and where new terms and foreign concepts frequently emerge. It’s a world in which you easily loose track of the large amount of information and where the countless possibilities and risks easily get neglected.


The book is exclusively dealing with long term investments in stocks, bonds and securities for liquid assets in the regulated Danish financial marked. The purpose of investment is to gain financial benefits. The book provides you with an overview and general understanding of the world of financial investments and enables you to get started in the pace that suits you and with an awareness of what assets you can afford to invest, how your risk profile can be described and what sort of time scale you can set up for your investments.


In view of their own experiences the authors want to open the doors to the world of investments which in many ways may seem inaccessible. But they also pass on some of those dos and don’ts that are related to being an inexperienced investor. They know how it is to be a beginner in the field of investment. They know what kind of uncertainties and challenges you are facing as a new investor and they have a great comprehension of the issues you need to be aware of and the precautions you must take when you want to start investing. Indeed, the book is inspired by their own journey from insecure to self-confident investors. They represent their own target group and therefore they have written the book that they needed but didn’t have when they started to invest.


The book adresses those – men or women, young or old – who want to start investing but don’t know how to get on with it. The book is based on the belief that we can all learn to invest our money. Investing doesn’t have to be difficult and complicated and it doesn’t have to be reserved for an exclusive group of people. All you need to do is start investing your time and study the market.


Chief strategist Tine Choi Danielsen from Danske Bank has read and reviewed the book:


“Ready – Set – Invest is an excellent and professional and well founded book relevant to the beginner who wants to start investing. In a clear and comprehensible way the authors explain what you need to know and they manage to include the most essential aspects.”


Ready – Set – Invest adresses everbody  – men and women, young and old – who want to start investing.


The authors have established the organisation Female Invest which aims to engage and inspire more women to invest.