If only we didn’t have to take our clothes off

Love stories about the challenges of being a couple

Af Katrine Axholm

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How long need we struggle to maintain a relationship, and when can we give it up?


We develop ourselves all through life, and we change in a personal relationship, so a life-long love cannot be taken for granted. Life is as it is, so what is needed to maintain love?


A love-relationship is not in itself complicated, even though it often feels that way. But we must make an effort to nurture it and eventually develop it by having children, working, fulfilling obligations, and other activities. We all meet challenges when it comes to love. If we do not take them seriously and address them, we risk that they will become insurmountable. Nearly 50 % of all marriages end in separation, and some of those couples, who remain together despite the challenges, continue in a love-less relationship for the sake of the children. But are we convinced about why we do as we do in a relationship? Could it not be, that we ourselves in part constitute the challenges, and that it is not always ‘the other’s’ fault?


You are directly invited into a series of love stories that describe typical challenges experienced in a love-relationship: middle-aged crises, disloyalty, distancing, wavering confidence, boredom, and much more. The central characters are both men and women, who have reached the point where they cannot endure any more. They stand at a divide in the road and face a decision. You can read about their dilemmas, why they chose to go to couples-therapy, as well as a partner’s insights and realisations in the course of the therapeutic process. You can read the therapist’s considerations in the process and contemplate perspectives that will surely enable you to view your own love-relationship with new eyes. Lastly, you will receive direct advice about what you need to be aware of in regard to your own love-relationship.


The book’s purpose is to inspire you to look at yourself and understand your own behaviour, so that you and your partner can do something either to rediscover love or realise that the best way to come further is to separate. It is often best to develop yourself and save the love-relationship, even when it feels impossible.



Katrine Axholm often appears in the media as a specialist on love-relationships and couples’ crises. Most recently she appeared together with couples-therapist Martin Oustergaard I TV3’s series Love in Crisis, which has run six times since the 10th of March, 2018.