Happy Soul – The Guidebook

The Simple Hacks to a Soul-Based Life

Af Missona Aston

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Happy Soul – The Guidebook is the seminal book of the Happy Soul concept, which is both a philosophy of life and a method that helps you become aware of your genuine feelings, live intentionally, and find your true nature, passion, and life purpose.


Happy Soul comprises two books: Happy Soul – The Guidebook, and Happy Soul – the Journal. Neither of the books can be used optimally without the other.


Happy Soul – The Guidebook reviews a philosophy of life, a method, and the research, theories, and experiences which underlie its concepts. It accounts for the reasons why, in our efforts to create a good and happy life, we should focus on ‘soul-based happiness’ instead of a ‘package happiness’ or ‘positive happiness’, if we are to reduce stress and equip ourselves for the labour market of the future.


However, Happy Soul should not be construed as a recipe for everything. The philosophy of Happy Soul is essentially that we are all completely unique and that there is no one right answer for how to live meaningfully. Happy Soul provides you with a methodological framework (and a whole lot of “hacks”), but it is you who must fill it out!


Happy Soul addresses modern people who want more meaning and direction in life, and who seek to incorporate themselves – their values and talents – more into their work and everyday activities. It clearly addresses young people as well, who are considering an education and a career – and life as a whole.


The author of Happy Soul has herself been living her life following he principals in the book for a number of years.


ISBN 978-87-93607-26-2

Number of pages: 102 (hardback)

Publication: June 15, 2020

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