Happy Soul – The Guidebook

The Simple Hacks to a Soul-Based Life

Af Missona Aston

150,00 kr. incl. VAT (120,00 kr. excl. VAT)


This is your opportunity to get to know yourself better, discover your life purpose, and design your life completely by your own design. Through five minutes of guided journaling a day, an extra twenty minutes once a week, twenty more minutes once a month, and an additional hour each quarter, you are invited to dream, vision, plan, act, and reflect on what is essentially true and meaningful to you. You are given a number of simple hacks that will help you grow, transform, and incorporate more of you — your passion and purpose — into your work and everyday activities.


Happy Soul is developed and written by futurist and spiritual explorer, Missona Aston, to whom Happy Soul has been her life savor and today is her anchor, her companion, and her guiding star. Happy Soul is based on theories and methods dealing with purpose, passion, habits, personal development and productivity.


Happy Soul comprises two books: Happy Soul — The Guidebook (the one on this page) and Happy Soul — The Journal. Neither of them can be used optimally without the other, so make sure to get both.


May you have a beautiful and transformative journey!


ISBN: 978-87-93607-65-1

Number of pages: 110

Publication: June 15, 2020


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