Missona Aston

I graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a Master in Sociology and have worked as a futurist since 2012. The first four years were spent at Future Navigator, and since 2017 I have been my own manager in focusing on “The Super Human Future”. In that interest a projection of possible lifestyles, culture, values, identity, spirituality, human skills, etc. are all relevant. My work involves giving lectures, leading workshops, providing advisory information, writing reports, and, of course, doing research.



Happy Soul is a philosophy of life and a practice that I have developed over a period of about ten years. Having arisen out of my experience, the books are products of my challenges as well as studies and research. They have been at the heart of my life.



Over the years, I have learned that I am a person comprised of extremes, which out of necessity requires balancing: I must strike a balance between chaos and structure, creativity and planning, adventure and security. My happiness simply depends on that balance, and it has been efforts made in that respect that provided the basis for the books.



In that Happy Soul was shaped by my personal history, the philosophy and method represented in the books derived their character from my interest in becoming a futurist, for which ‘visions’ are central. I have additionally read psychology, as it regards personal development and spirituality, for many years. In the past few years I have been particularly focused on the topics around which Happy Soul has been formed, namely happiness, self-management, life purpose, and cultivation of ‘visions’.



My purpose in writing the Happy Soul books — and my purpose in life — is to inspire and help others live in contact with their souls; to offer others the opportunity to live a life that is right for  them — right in relation to what is their nature, what they are created for, what makes sense, and what creates joy.



For me that is what life is all about. I am convinced that when we connect with our passion and nature, we will automatically contribute to a better society – through being ourselves and doing what we were created for.



I was born in 1983 in Næstved, Denmark, where I grew up. Today I live in Copenhagen with my husband, but as much of my work is location independent, I move often, preferably to a place out in nature, where I can be calm and contemplative.



Website: www.missona.co

E-mail: hello@missona.co

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