Jonathan Løw

I am entrepreneur, speaker and adviser within entrepreneurship, marketing and innovation.


I am founder of two companies both working with communication and innovation. At Listen Louder I hold speaches and workshops based on the belief about ”listening louder”. I am also co-founder and Head of Marketing at JumpStory, whose purpose is to help small and medium sized companies writing better digital content and texts by using a unique combination of skilled text writers and artificial intelligence (AI).


I have been part of the start-up of five companies and I have written three books about the topic. Two of these books have been #1 bestsellers – among these GURUBOGEN. I have interviewed 45 of the  most successful leaders and entrepreneurs  for The GuruBook, which was published by Taylor & Francis in USA in Spring 2018, and I have written the preface for the Dansh edition of  Simon Sineks most recent book – Find Your Why.


In addition to the above I am the former Head of Online at the Danish book chain Bog & idé as well as investor and adviser in the startup and equity fond Accelerace. I have been named one of Denmark’s 100 most talented leaders and has won a number of startup awards and have received the Danish e-commerce price for my work with the company


My present customers are amongst others: Vestas, Lemvigh-Müller, Dansk Industri,, GoMore, FOA and HK.


We shouldn’t be so afraid of sharing our ideas. Ideas only get better when they are shared with others, and that is the essence of Secret no more! in which successful entrepreneurs, leaders and innovators share their secrets with the reader.


Hence, the message is clear: Don’t be afraid of other people steeling your ideas! Be afraid, if they don’t want to!


I am 39 years old and I live in Højbjerg south of Aarhus, Denmark.


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