Helene Djursø

In 2003 I founded the consultancy Care Consulting, the core business of which is outplacement, and of which I am presently the director. I studied personale management and the labour market at Aalborg University, and social mediation at the Danish School of Public Administration. I am the initiator and leader of VELKOMMEN HJEM (Welcome Home)which was formally established in August, 2016.


I have gained experience in both the private and public sectors through a variety of positions of employment and have changed branches of work many times.


The many veterans I have been able to meet through VELKOMMEN HJEM have been an enormous inspiration in my daily work, including the development of the book Navigating Unknown Territory. They are people, each with their own history, competencies, and dreams for the future. They together represent an unredeemed potential, which can be greatly beneficial for society, companies, and themselves.


I find a great motivation in being able to observe and work with the veterans and see how much difference we can make, when we work together – use each other’s ‘muscles’ – instead of doing everything oneself. The military and the companies – together in partnership, gives meaning to these skilful people, who change from one branch of work to another, and who face possible identity loss as a result.


Such public-private partnership need not necessarily set out to build roads, hospitals, bridges, etc. – they can work to further the project  VELKOMMEN HJEM.


I am pleased with the many cases in the book that show the veterans’ uncertainty and honesty, but particularly their possibilities. I am pleased with the way mentors are shown to engage themselves, but I am most of all pleased that we show the whole palette and value of the competencies one can have, even though one doesn’t come from the civil labour market – the market, which most of us know.


I have fortunately many role models, and I am constantly motivated by clever people. In Navigating Unknown Territory, the many veterans, who have put their lives at stake for the rest of us, are for me motivational. These people – who are furthermore humble – impress and inspire me deeply.


I was born in 1968 in Frederikssund, live in Virum, and have three children.