Bjarne Ambjørn Kehr

I have been trained by the Defence Department and am a senior sergeant in the Air Force, where I have been engaged with operations and education. I am a special consultant at the Central Association for Professional Personale, where among my responsibilities are those concerning education, career counselling, and veterans in general. I have previously been the organisation’s political coordinator and vice chairman respectively, which enabled me to develop veteran sector policies and participate in several forums and tours. This activity took place under the auspices of the Defence Department concerned with veterans and international missions.


My purpose in being a co-author of the book Navigating Unknown Territory has been to set focus on veteran’s competencies, which would contribute to the regard of veterans as resourceful persons rather than victims.


Being a witness to the great gains of veterans who participate in VELKOMMEN HJEM (Welcome Home), a program that contributes so markedly to the acknowledgement that can bring people further in their work-lives, is my inspiration and motivation. My wish and hence goal is that the approach of acknowledgement will to a greater degree become the chosen method for many other persons, who would enter or advance on the work market.


The book offers various tools, which any person can use in regard to making a career shift. It offers a breeding ground for more reflection, which has high value, when a person is headed for something new. The histories, which veterans tell through the book, show that none of them knew just how, but with goal-oriented efforts and help from mentors, many were able to bring their existent competencies to bear at a higher level than that which they initially had imagined for themselves. It is an important story to tell, as there is broadly a greater focus on the competencies needed to secure the well-being of our society in the future.


I was born in Christianshavn in 1959, am divorced and have two sons.