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We publish and disseminate knowledge in Danish and English
with the view that theory derives from practice and
practice contributes to theory

Knowledge as represented in our publications is based on both theory and practice

Theory, because theories and models are plateaus, which affirm some perspective of reality, describe the reality, and offer an explanation for how things work. A theory is important in that it offers a common frame of reference and explanation, which can be used by anyone under different circumstances by virtue of a common language.


Theoretical bases have their origins in areas of study such as sociology, philosophy, psychology, political science, and economics.

Pratice, because it is important to take experience seriously and learn from it. What went well, what went less well, and what completely missed the mark? Why did it go, as it did? We must learn from practice, the lived life, which individuals, private as well as professional, contribute to organisations and society, separately and together.


Content Publishing is focused on two areas, which have inscribed themselves into the publisher’s vision  and mission.


Publications regarding the area of business touch upon all aspects of the profession as may relate to the operation of a company: leadership and management, organisational development, economics, HR, sales, marketing, CSR, work environment, business intelligence, innovation, service, IT, communication, politics, etc. Publications address the private as well as the public sectors.


Publications regarding life-style have first and foremost focus on the whole person. By way of personal and spiritual insight as well as a global perspective, we can increase acknowledgement of who we are, what we stand for, and why we believe and do as we do. The more we acknowledge and are aware of our fundamental values, the greater the probability that we make the right decisions – in private as well as work life.